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Meet Our Dogs

Below you will find each of our dogs listed with a little story about them. Click on their names to know more about them ie. pedigree, health testing, titles/accomplishments etc. Our dogs are family, though they are not with us 24/7 they get plenty of one on one time, and they are absolutely spoiled to death!

"A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself"


Gunner is our top dog, hes has the best disposition but has the highest drive of any dog Ive seen in a long time. He thrives on work, whether its in the field, at the duck pond, hunting furred game or playing in sports. He can do it all and will do any thing asked of him. He is truly a once in a lifetime dog. Do not let the drive fool you though he is the biggest love bug couch potato in the family.



Ranger we acquired later in his life, we took him on because we love his daughter Rikki so much and wanted to see him finish his CH title in the show ring. He has been the coolest dog, he never had the chance to do much when he was younger but man is he a producer! He has out produced himself. We are so happy with him. He loves FCAT so do not be surprised if we updated his section with another title or two. Barn Hunt is also on his list to try.  



Cricut is the biggest ham that we have added to our family, she keeps us guessing, she loves to play and bring us gifts. We purchased her for our program because she comes from a long line of exceptional dogs. She is a great representation of the breed and its versatility. We are excited for her future here and have big plans for her.



Rikki was the first dog I purchased to show, I had no idea what I was doing but we stepped out and had fun. Shes also my first to train from the ground up including FF. Rikki has been with me for so much, she traveled allover with me for work, shes seen a lot and has a bright future here. Watch for her around as we have plans for some new sports.



Quill is our first home raised, we are so excited about this pup! She started her first year with a bang, took on dock diving like it was nothing, started duck/retriever training, and was introduced to her first birds in preparation for JH, JHR, and  training for some other sports. She has been so easy to train, such a natural athlete.



Lady is our foundation, our first real bird dog who had the natural ability and trainability we needed to start our program. She loves the hunt, and has been such a wonderful companion. She produced 3 spectacular litters for us. She is now retired and a big ol' pet that still lives to hunt. She has given us they start we wanted and needed to become GSP breeders and we can not thank her enough for the years of fun watching her do her thing in the field.

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