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Puppy Info

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 The Process

Interested in purchasing a puppy, but not sure what to expect? Read this!

1- [before getting on a waitlist] Do your homework, learn everything you can about the breed and be honest about your lifestyle and what you need in your perfect dog, Please reach out and ask questions, be thorough, if possible meet some dogs in person, and really experience the breed so you know they are 'the one!

2- [before getting on a waitlist] Research Breeders, find someone with dogs you like, a program with goals that fit what you are wanting in a dog, and bonus points if you can see them as someone you are happy to be tied to for the next 10+ years. (feel free to ask us for our recommendations)


3- [If you decide that you would like to be considered for a puppy from us] Fill out our puppy application. Take your time and answer in as much detail as possible, this is our first tool to matching you to your future puppy. Once we've received and reviewed your application you will get an email letting you know your application was approved (not likely to be right away, feel free to reach back out if it’s been over a week). This gets you put on our waiting list. Everyone on the waiting list will receive email updates about any breeding-related decisions and progressions, including confirmed pregnancies, puppy count via X-ray, and notice when litters are born.

4- Several weeks after puppies are born, and we have a headcount and everyone is thriving, I will reach back out for the second part of my application process with phone interviews to get to know each other better, and really give me a feel for what you want in your puppy. At this point, nothing is set in stone, and I still CAN NOT guarantee anyone a puppy. What I can do is make the best guess based on the temperaments of the parents and tell if you based on

what you want I’m not anticipating a good fit. Otherwise, you are stuck in limbo for a little longer.

During this waiting time I share puppy updates daily, everyone is encouraged to follow my social media page to see how everyone is growing and changing.

5- Between 6 and 8 weeks you will know if you are someone I am strongly considering for a puppy, based on everything I have seen from them up to this point. I will be working on getting my shortlist together. It is still subject to change, but chances are higher that I can make an accurate match.


6- Temperament evaluations are at 7 weeks, and their first conformation evaluation at 8 weeks. New homes are chosen between 8-10 weeks (and maybe as late as 10 weeks to the day). At this time I will let you know the puppy I think would be the best fit for you, if two puppies are very similar I will let you choose between them. My priority is matching the perfect puppy to the perfect home.


7- Last we work out payment and pickup details, go over contract details, puppies are ready to go at 8-10 weeks and you're off! But don't disappear, Consider me a resource to you for the life of the dog (I LOVE updates <3)

If interested in one of our puppies please click on the Good Dog Logo above to find more info & our application.

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